Thoughts On Anti-Police Sentiment Expressed Lately

Feb 12, 2013

Why Cops Have It Very Rough

A friend of mine took a person to task that had commented to him, "all cops are corrupt." My friend was reasonable in his condemnation and the Facebook posts were all reasonable. I was moved to write this:

We task our police officers with unfair and mutually contradictory jobs. We close the mental health facilities and hospitals, then ask our police to be social workers. We weight the justice system so that we hide behind the idea of an adversary system, yet underfund the lawyers providing the defense of the poor so badly we really have a plea-bargain system. We have tried to outlaw everything while adding ridiculous mandatory sentences and three strike laws to ensure that the actual felons have nothing to lose by endangering police officers' lives. Our penitentiaries are overcrowded and we won't fund more to the point where there's a vacuum that private enterprise is bidding to fill. We expect the police officers to serve as an investigative arm of one side of that adversary system, yet expect them to serve as arbiters of that evidence before they bring it in. We lump speeding enforcement with armed robbery enforcement yet expect the officer approaching our car to treat us as if they had spent the day with us and know we're harmless. The Peace Officer is the overburdened face of this system and we demand too much of them. However, we have to understand that the system itself is broken, so although it beyond unfair to blame the police officer, we need to address the system itself so that it's fair to them and us.