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Oct 6, 2015

Transitioning from Beloved to Being President

The Democrats could have an interesting and further competitive Presidential nomination contest were the Vice President to throw his hat into the ring. Hillary has become a better domestic candidate as a result of Bernie Sanders’ domestic policy focus but I'd love to see her rather orthodox 20th Century Foreign Policy aligned more with the diplomacy first successes of the last eight years.

Enter Joseph Biden, stage center. Sure, he's loved. But being loved isn't a sure path to being elected. You need only witness the trouncing Hubert Humphrey received to see how fast that status can fall. I'd like to offer a transition plan with focused goals for the next three months to get the Vice President into the race with momentum.

First, the VP can spotlight the times he was in the room, giving his input to decisions and strategies of import, such as the Bin Laden attack or our response to the Russian incursion into the Ukraine. The takeaway would be: loved and in the center of it all.

After a week of that, he could a week of where he used his good relationship with members of Congress to negotiate budgets and the ACA. Yes, he should claim the benefits of that work and drape it around his shoulders proudly. The last diehards of ACA haters are going to attach it to him anyway and the neutrals should remember his hard work.

Let's have a week of when he was still lovable but resisting President Obama's positions, whether it's on the Bailout, adding jobs, or his agreement to the Gay Marriage equality, let's see him pleasantly differing. Let's see where he persuaded President Obama and see where the Administration took a different path.

Let's see  him using conciliation in Foreign Policy as the first resort, which giving those moving speeches at funerals of our fallen. Then let's see him firmly standing up to the Putins and Assads of the world so that we remember that although he values every one of our soldier's lives, he knows there are times when we may have to use war as the last resort. Let's see Dr. Biden's work for our Veterans because those two have a great marriage, and we know he’s supported and uplifted as he takes on the awful task of doing the Presidency.

Finally, health records should be released and we should see him being peripatetic all day every day. It's a tough enough job for a younger man, let alone one that has gone through what he has. Let know we won’t kill him by electing him

I'm sure the Vice President can pivot into Candidacy quickly, but I'd love to see the launch using the way he's love like a rocket could use the Sun's gravity to push it to Mars faster and give him the fighting chance he deserves to get the nomination.


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