Shun The Repblicans

Mar 2, 2013

Traditional From the Bygone Era Should Be Revised

Traditional From the Bygone Era Should Be Revised

We are currently enjoying the first weekend living under cuts to programs and budgets thought so onerous that all of Congress would gather and enact more sensible ones.

The chain of events bringing us here reminds me of a news story I reported on the radio when I was a news reader at our college station at UCLA. A bank robber had the silent alarm triggered on him and the cops surrounded the building. He took the folks in the bank hostage. He let six of them go for a six-pack. I can see a correlation in the numbers so that made a kind of sense. He let the other eight go for a pizza, because he was hungry. He then told the police not to storm the bank or he'd kill himself.

It is that failure of determining one's self-importance in relation to a group of others that our Congress displays. I can't say that either Party is without fault, but for sheer obstinacy and failure to bring anything to a vote, I'm see the Elephant's trunk on the scales. The Republican in the Senate filibustered any measure that would have stopped the cuts until more reasoned ones could be put in place. The House G.O.P. refused any vote because they're waiting for the Senate to act, for fear of being in the vanguard of reason and getting "primaried" when the attempt to regain their job in two years.

And there's the rub. Due to having control of the State Legislatures immediately after the Census, they gerrymandered their districts so despite losing the popular vote of their states, the won enough votes in their district to come to Washington. The only threat to their cozy jobs in which they show up in Washington roughly half of the working days we do is if someone more to the right of them takes up the mantle of umbrage on the right to be less sensible.

Hence my call: let's shun them. Let's turn our back on them when we see them. En Masse or singly, until they bring the matter up to a vote so they're on the record for either side, shun them. Somehow we have to communicate to them that they are part of a larger community than their district. We must call them back to the patriotism that puts the national business above self-preservation. If they can decrease funding for the Armed Forces that risk their lives for this country, they can risk their jobs.