Archeologists Discover Text In London from 1493 - Flat Earth Society

Jan 24, 2013

History in the Making

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London - January 24, 2013

Construction crews digging in Shoreham-By-The-Thames, in preparation for the construction of the sub-basement of a pub, discovered a Broadsheet from 1493. The Broadsheet advises of a meeting of Flat Earth Society.

This discovery creates a fascinating window in the way science advances in increments. It reads:


WEDNESDAY, June 7, 1493

The Chairman advises the membership that an important meeting will convene on the date above-specified to consider a change in the manner and content of our promulgations to society-at-large proving the world is flat.

Having been rebuffed by the Rabble since the false notice by that Brigand Italian, solely due to the manner in which we state our cause, Members are forthwith command to say, "The World is limited by our horizon" and "Pray Ye, Do You See a Curve When You Peruse the Street?" instead of "The World Is Flat."

We hold to our Principles because they are true, not because we can convince Society. It is the fault of our auditors and not our beliefs that no one joins our cause!"

In unrelated news, John Boehner tasked his message consultants to obtain an image of the broadsheet for his next strategy meeting.